Role Model (short) Biography: Fahrani Pawaka Empel / English Conversation Task

Fahrani Pawaka Empel, or you usually called as Fahrani Empel. She was born on Sept 27, 1984. Blessed by long hair with unpredictable color (she changes the color of her hair often), exotics Indonesian face, tan skin color, and dream body shape: 179 tall and 58kg weight, she has few inks on her own skin. she started her career as a model since 5 years old and as a international supermodel at 15 years old, even now she end up as a business women because she thinks that modeling doesn’t satisfy her brain needs anymore. CAST eyewear is the name of her own brand, she designed many kind of the unique glasses with the not-so-cheapy-price. Guess i'll buy any.

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