when 12 graders are struggling with the s%$^t, here what i'm doing..

so long blog </3 i've been busy doing things after all this time, so here am i, gonna typo sth here.. this time i'm going to write down what i did when School day off  came then the 12 graders took their final exams..
i was in HK for 4 days. the cold wind of spring that welcomed me everytime i discovered da city, 15 Celcius was damnly terrifying, then now i kinda miss the cold windy</3 4 miserably hours in the plane from Changi Airport were suck. I was staying at Tsim Tsam Tsui, Mom choosed the hotel near from the Shopping town. in the first day i wasted much celery for bought H&M, hah i love H&M. 2nd day i went to Disneyland. 3rd and 4th day...shopping babyyyyy!
the rest of the school's days off i went to Beach with my classmates, #CROWD3D!!!!!!! 3 unforgettable days i had.
i miss my school's day off. gimme some more!!!!